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All stores and services in one interface.
Choose the required service or your store directly from the main menu or use the search for more stores.

Best prices and offers

Accept the best offers for your order.

Stay connected

Talk to the Postajji directly about the additional details you want and follow up on the status of your order directly.

Join to the Postajjieen

You can deliver orders by choosing join to the postajjieen.

Why Postajji

Beautiful and attractive design

The application is designed to suit good taste and to facilitate the requests of users.

Online support team

The support team is always available to help users in case of problems or to receive complaints at a delegate.

Great coverage for stores

The application has been prepared to cover the largest number of stores near the user and to facilitate the search for stores that are not located close to the user.

New style with requests

We tried to prepare a new method for sending and receiving requests from delegates to deliver as quickly as possible.

Always speak with the service provider

Talk to the delegate who will serve you with a simple and easy chat system.

Evaluation service

Ease of rating a delegate or customer evaluation service via a simple screen to evaluate users, and help other people learn about the quality of service of a delegate.



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